planetside n.

the surface of a planet; a base or other installation on a planet

The 1979 quot. could be adverbial.

  • [1946 G. O. Smith Pattern for Conquest in Astounding Science-Fiction May 152/1 page image George O. Smith bibliography

    A sixty-foot rectangular building of steel, one story high, resting upside down with the planet[-]side to the sky.]

  • 1959 D. A. Wollheim Secret of the Ninth Planet 37 Donald A. Wollheim bibliography

    Completing the members of the expedition was another trio chosen to act as general crew, medical and commissary men while in flight, and as a trained explorer-fighter unit while on planetside.

  • 1979 B. Longyear Dueling Clowns in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 51 page image Barry B. Longyear bibliography

    The rules for visiting planetside are being observed, aren’t they?

  • 1986 D. Smeds Tournament in J. Pournelle & J. Baen Far Frontiers (#6) 73 page image Dave Smeds bibliography

    The referee, as on planetside, is able to move as he sees fit in order to best watch the action.

  • 2003 S. Westerfeld Killing of Worlds 186 Scott Westerfeld bibliography

    When he’d first been assigned to planetside, Private Akman had been glad to escape the Lynx.

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