supernormal n.

a being with extraordinary (usu. psychic) powers as compared to other members of their kind


  • 1936 O. Stapledon Odd John i. 4 Olaf Stapledon bibliography

    The great majority of these very rare supernormals, whom John sometimes called ‘wide-awakes’, are either so delicate physically or so unbalanced mentally that they leave no considerable mark on the world. Ibid. xviii. 120 The programme was determined by his telepathic researches. Distance, apparently, made no difference to the ease with which he could pick up the psychic processes of other paranormals.

  • 1950 C. M. Kornbluth Little Black Bag in Astounding Science-Fiction July 135/2 page image C. M. Kornbluth bibliography

    The supernormals ‘improved the product’ at a greater speed than the subnormals degraded it, but in smaller quantity because elaborate training of their children was practiced on a custom-made basis.

  • 1963 N. M. Lobsenz in Fantastic Stories Sept. 5 page image Norman M. Lobsenz

    If ESP ever really becomes fact, it may be necessary to mount a campaign: ‘ESP for Supernormals Only’.

  • 1996 M. Dery Escape Velocity 289 Mark Dery bibliography

    Snyder spins out an SF scenario in which ‘supernormals’ enhanced with neural prosthetics ‘operate computers, typewriters, or turn on a television set just by using their brains’.

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