subjunctivity n.

the relationship between reality and something portrayed in a text

SF Criticism

  • 1969 S. R. Delany About Five Thousand One Hundred and Seventy Five Words in Extrapolation (May) 61 page image Samuel R. Delany bibliography

    Subjunctivity is the tension on the thread of meaning that runs between word and object. Suppose a series of words is presented to us as a piece of reportage. A blanket indicative tension informs the whole series: This happened. That is the particular level of subjunctivity at which journalism takes place.

  • 1992 D. Broderick Reading SF as a Mega-text in N.Y. Review of Science Fiction (# 47) July 8/2 page image Damien Broderick bibliography

    Sf textuality, by contrast…is grounded in a different subjunctivity, one in which metonymy passes first through cascades of suspended paradigm sets, detached and sent aloft from any last vestige of quotidian referentiality.

  • 2009 C. J. Dorsey in Science Fiction Studies (vol. 36, part 3) Nov. 390

    Please let us imagine it: a real imagined future where our ideas of gender are so far gone that a modern reader is lost in the subjunctivity.

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