star liner n.

= space liner n.


  • 1932 F. K. Kelly Radium World in Wonder Stories Feb. 1067/2 page image Frank K. Kelly bibliography

    There’s a Star liner leaving Grand Central Space Terminal at twelve tonight; the Trident. She’s fast, a crack Mars ship.

  • 1942 L. M. Jensen Probability Zero!: Take-off in Astounding Science-Fiction Dec. 108/2 page image L. M. Jensen bibliography

    Ben, you’ve been around the starliner business long enough, now, that you should know those old reaction-drive cans couldn’t be remodeled. Why, the rotary-stress girders alone would mean rebuilding from the ground up.

  • 1954 C. A. Stearns The Wall in Thrilling Wonder Stories Summer 55/2 page image Charles A. Stearns bibliography

    The starliner was crowded with the pilgrims of the Blue Rain. Mr. Wilburn was out of place, and shabbily dressed.

  • 1958 ‘C. M. Knox’ Silent Invaders in Infinity Oct. 10 page image Robert Silverberg bibliography

    Several dozen ungainly little ferries hovered just outside, linked to the huge starliner by connecting tubes.

  • 1966 L. S. Todd Most Delicious Foe in Worlds of Tomorrow Aug. 82/1 page image Larry S. Todd bibliography

    Krauss stopped his car in front of the old red-hulled Pantagruel, a retired Cunard Starliner, and had the cargo lock thrown open.

  • 1980 R. S. McEnroe Skinner in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine June 119 page image Richard S. McEnroe bibliography

    The Missed had been the ship Chavez took passage aboard for the three weeks’s trip from the passing starliner to Wolkenheim.

  • 1995 R. Aldridge Spine Divers in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 124 page image Ray Aldridge bibliography

    A monster was rolling in the trough of the big waves. Its copper-scaled body was larger than the starliner that had brought me to this ocean world.

  • 2003 T. Zahn Dragon & Thief 171 page image Timothy Zahn bibliography

    Right. Breaking into a strongly built and heavily protected vault aboard a luxury starliner should be just a walk in the park.

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