space cruiser n.

a spaceship; = cruiser n.


  • 1925 H. G. Scheffauer Flight to Moon Again Proposed in N.Y. Times ix. 4/6 Herman George Scheffauer

    The return of a space-ship to earth would seem to present insurmountable obstacles. What is to prevent this rocket-machine of Wolfram steel or other metal from being consumed like any tiny meteorite upon contact with the thick envelope of the atmosphere? Provision, however, has been made for this, and the possibility of landing accepted—in theory. The peak of the torpedo-like space cruiser would contain an enormous double or triple parachute with ropes attached to the nose of the vessel.

  • 1928 E. E. Smith & L. H. Garby Skylark of Space in Amazing Stories Aug. 414/2 page image Edward E. Smith Lee Hawkins Garby bibliography

    ‘She flies, dearest, like a ray of light for speed and like a bit of thistle-down for lightness. We’ve been around the moon!’… Both investors were moved more than they could have told by their achievement, by the complete success of the great space-cruiser upon which they had labored for months with all the power of their marvelous intellects.

  • 1945 ‘M. Leinster’ Incident on Calypso in Startling Stories Fall 57/1 page image Murray Leinster bibliography

    The automatic pilot of his space-cruiser had jammed on four gravities acceleration when a short-circuit developed somewhere in its inwards, and when the main fuel-tanks were empty and Steve could stir from the flat of his back, he had only his emergency fuel left.

  • 1953 M. Reynolds Stowaway in Universe Science Fiction June 110/1 page image Mack Reynolds bibliography

    The conversation between Doc Thorndon and Kathy had been a lengthy one, and the officers and crew of the space cruiser New Taos would have been surprised at the ship’s doctr [sic] they thought they knew so well for his gentle kindliness.

  • 1966 J. T. McIntosh Sudden Silence in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Apr. 46/1 page image J. T. McIntosh bibliography

    Rick, you’re this team’s pilot. Can you fly a Beta class space cruiser?

  • 1979 G. Murdoch Battlestar Galactica: Review in Starburst Magazine Mar. 7/1 page image

    Surrounded as they are by the might of the twelve intergalactic battlestar space cruisers, they consider themselves invulnerable on this, a mission of peace.

  • 1997 A.-T. Castro Just a Couple… in Science Fiction Age Mar. 42/1 page image Adam-Troy Castro bibliography

    He stood on the gleaming control decks of Nimmitz’s brand-new top of the line space cruiser, immobilized by an automatic ship’s security stasis field, threatening bloody revenge at the imbecilic ex-partner smiling at him from the opposite side of the control room.

  • 2009 K. K. Rusch Spires of Denon in Asimov’s Science Fiction Apr.–May 153 page image Kristine Kathryn Rusch bibliography

    They have a single space cruiser parked in the designated zone. The ship is small and had to have come from a relatively short distance away.

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