sapience n.

(of non-humans) intelligence

  • 1962 H. B. Piper Little Fuzzy 44 H. Beam Piper bibliography

    I think he wants to trick some of our people into supporting his sapience claims.

  • 1984 F. Catalano Book Review in Amazing Stories Jan. 10/2 page image

    Humanity itself has taken part in Uplift, lifting dolphins and chimps to sapience.

  • 1994 N. Spinrad On Books in Asimov’s Science Fiction Aug. 173/1 page image Norman Spinrad

    Nohar is a moreau, a tiger-man whose ancestors were genetically raised to sapience for military purposes.

  • 2020 E. Bear Machine x. 140 Elizabeth Bear bibliography

    They’re built to feel because, as far as anyone can tell, emotion is a critical part of cognition, and trying to build A-life without it never results in emergent sapience.

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