transdimensional adj.

designating movement between dimensions; involving more than one dimension


  • 1931 C. A. Smith Beyond the Singing Flame in Wonder Stories Nov. 753/1 page image Clark Ashton Smith bibliography

    The transdimensional adventures of Angarth and Felix Ebbonly, the city of the Flame with its strange residents and pilgrims, the immolation of Ebbonly, and the hinted return of the narrator himself for a like purpose…were very much the sort of thing that Angarth might have imagined in one of the fantastic novels for which he had become so justly famous.

  • 1933 C. A. Smith Light From Beyond in Wonder Stories Apr. 828/1 page image Clark Ashton Smith bibliography

    Caught in the pull of some transdimensional vortex wrought by the crescent vessel as it departed from earth, I had followed the vessel to its own world, which adjoined ours in transcendental space.

  • 1940 H. K. Wells Dimension-Hazard in Super Science Stories Nov. 43/2 page image Hal K. Wells bibliography

    Henry hastily looked himself over in some trepidation to see if he had lost any parts during his weird transdimensional flight. He hadn’t.

  • 1950 Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 7 page image

    To work around the universal-mass theory they have come up with something called ‘subspace’ or ‘hyperspace’—a mathematically possible transdimensional universe into which such travelers can dip at will, emerging where and when they please.

  • 1980 S. Sucharitkul Rabid in Mallworld Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction June 43 page image S. P. Somtow

    With enormous power expenditure it is possible to force open a transdimensional window.

  • 2015 SFX (#266) Nov. 94/3 page image

    It makes sense to tweak the details, updating the original Mercury 7-era spaceflight for a transdimensional jaunt.

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