time hopper n. 1

= time machine n.

Time Travel

  • 1955 P. Anderson Time Patrol in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 21/1 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    Everard swung onto the time hopper, set the controls for 464 a.d. at Addleton Barrow, a summer midnight, and threw the switch.

  • 1975 T. R. Cogswell Grandfather Clause in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept. 58/1 page image Theodore R. Cogswell bibliography

    ‘Did you walk back to 1938 or take a cab?’ Carl chuckled, reached in his jacket pocket, and pulled out a flat, shiny gadget the size of a small transistor radio. ‘Used my little handy-dandy time hopper.’

  • 2002 V. Terrace Crime Fighting Heroes of Television 59

    He finds pure satisfaction at home in his private attic lab where he has invented such devices as the Shrink Ray, the Time Hopper (for travel through time) and the Igloo of Health.

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