tight-beam v.

to send (esp. a message) by means of a tight-beam n.; to send to (someone) by means of a tight-beam n.; also intrans.


  • 1959 F. Leiber Our Saucer Vacation in Fantastic Universe Dec. 48/1 page image Fritz Leiber bibliography

    β€˜Dad,’ I said, tight-beaming it.

  • 1969 A. McCaffrey Ship Who Disappeared in World of If Mar. 52/1 page image Anne McCaffrey bibliography

    It was offensive of Teron to tight-beam back to Central Worlds.

  • 1980 M. Reynolds & G. Jennings Hell's Fire in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction June 95/2 page image

    We'll have to much energy at our command that we can tight-beam it by microwave.

  • 1986 G. Benford & D. Brin Heart of Comet (1987) i. 39 David Brin Gregory Benford bibliography

    Maybe somebody'll tightbeam stuff back before we return.

  • 1992 L. Niven & S. Barnes California Voodoo Game xxxv. 305

    He steals information, breaks into a modular apartment, lifts the weather shield, and tight-beams the data to a waiting receptor miles away.

  • 2002 A. Reynolds Redemption Ark (2004) 33

    Acknowledge whoever it is…. Can we tight-beam them back?

  • 2020 E. Bear Machine x. 144 Elizabeth Bear bibliography

    We’d tightbeamed ahead to let her know what we had coming, so I wasn’t surprised when she said, β€˜Welcome home, Sally, Doctors, Nurses, Pilot. Welcome to Core General, Helen. Helen, I’m Linden, the wheelmind here, and I will be in charge of making sure that you are comfortable while my staff begins care for your crew.’

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