X-Phile n.

a fan of the TV show The X-Files

SF Fandom

  • [1994 TV Guide 15 Jan. 20/1

    They—the X-ophiles, the growing cult audience for The X-Files—provided Fox with its best ever ratings for Friday nights.]

  • 1994 X-ophiles?, in Usenet newsgroup alt.tv.x-files 14 Jan.

    Shouldn’t it be X-philes instead?

  • 1995 C. Carter Truth is out There: Official Guide to The X Files 42

    Debra, a self-proclaimed X-Phile—one of the show’s legion of die-hard fans—who proudly points out that it’s the first time all the promotional drinks have ever been tied to a single show.

  • 2000 Wicked Fall 43/2 (advt.)

    Adventure Cruises.net presents a unique 1st Annual X-Philes gathering.

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