home galaxy n.

the galaxy that an individual being is from; the galaxy in which a species originated

  • 1936 E. Hamilton Cosmic Quest in Thrilling Wonder Stories Oct. 36/2 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    I knew that by now I must have almost completely circumnavigated the spherical cosmos and before long would approach my home galaxy. Before long, I must return to my waiting people with the black news that I had failed.

  • 1947 ‘M. Leinster’ Manless Worlds in Thrilling Wonder Stories Feb. 25/1 page image Murray Leinster bibliography

    An hour later Kim carefully tuned the transmitting part of the little ship’s drive to the matter-receiving station on Ades. In that way, and only in that way, the ship would inevitably arrive at the home galaxy of humanity.

  • 1951 J. D. MacDonald Common Denominator in Galaxy Science Fiction July 22/1 page image John D. MacDonald bibliography

    The Argonauts, as they came to be called, were pleasantly similar to mankind. It was additional proof that only in the rarest instance was the life-apex on any planet in the home Galaxy an abrupt divergence from the ‘€˜human’€™ form.

  • 1966 S. R. Delany Babel-17 iii. v. 172 Samuel R. Delany bibliography

    Like a triple clawed crab, the enemy boat angled away into the night. K-ward rose the flattened spiral of the home galaxy. Shadows were carbon-paper black on the smooth hulls.

  • 1971 H. Ellison & A. E. van Vogt Human Operators in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan. 20/2 page image Harlan Ellison A. E. van Vogt bibliography

    Could we got back to the Home Galaxy, the place we came from, where the war was?

  • 1973 M. L'Engle Wind in the Door (1993) 127 Madeleine L'Engle bibliography

    I find it easier to posit when I am in my home galaxy.

  • 1988 J. Clute in Interzone Nov.–Dec. 55/2 page image John Clute

    The Culture continues to exercise a loose hegemony over the home galaxy.

  • 2002 J. Williamson Afterlife in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Feb. 59 page image Jack Williamson bibliography

    Our new sky blazes with more stars than I ever imagined, all in strange constellations, but on a clear night we can make out our home galaxy, a faint fleck of brightness low in the south.

  • 2004 S. Baxter Mayflower II in Resplendent v. 437 Stephen Baxter bibliography

    These two had come from the home Galaxy—from sol system itself, they said.

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