Whovian n.

a fan of the British television series Doctor Who

SF Fandom

Doctor Who

  • 1982 Who’s Coming? in Renegade Times (Doctor Who Fan Club of America) May 1/2 page image

    That’s right, a picnic in the mountains with hundreds of Doctor Who fans (commonly known as ‘Whovians’)[.] Along with the chance to meet other Whovians, there will be fun and games all day.

  • 1982 Whovian Times (Doctor Who Fan Club of America) Sept. 3/3

    Whovians ranging from 2 weeks old to the mid-seventies attended the first annual Doctor Who Fan Club of America’s Whovian Festival.

  • 1986 N.Y. Times 1 Sept. 40/1

    ‘Dr. Who,’ carried on most public television stations across the country, is quietly scooping up a growing following of dedicated fans…. They are creating a subculture of like-minded folk who call themselves Whovians.

  • 1993 Guardian 3 July (Weekend Suppl.) 62/3

    Obsession is a strange thing. While at the launch of the Doctor Who 30th Anniversary celebrations, a fellow hack suggested that Whovians, Trekkies, groundhoppers and train-spotters should all be grouped together.

  • 1996 SFX May 7/1

    The Who vians want their police box, a Doctor that is like Paul McGann, and they want him to have a companion and to have adventures befitting a Time Lord.

  • 2005 Hotdog Dec. 142/2

    Impatient Whovians who bought the previous bare-bones releases will see the error of their ways in this TARDIS-shaped box of delights.

  • 2015 K. Moore in Starburst Magazine (#414) July 44/3 page image

    Whether you've been a Whovian for decades or Mr. Capaldi’s your first Doctor, [etc.].

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