Vernean adj.

of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the science fiction of Jules Verne

SF Criticism

  • 1883 Dial Jan. 207/1 page image

    We have here a very notable book. It is not a work of science; nor is it a pure romance: it is science romanticized; it is Jules-Vernean.

  • 1958 P. S. Miller Reference Library in Astounding Science Fiction Nov. 143/1 page image P. Schuyler Miller

    The story begins with Vernean attention to equations and explanation.

  • 1960 K. Amis New Maps of Hell i. 37 page image Kingsley Amis bibliography

    The notion of an advancing technology increasing the destructive power of unscrupulousness reappears on a smaller scale in The Floating Island, where the huge artifact breaks up in mid-ocean as a result of rivalry between two financial cliques. The book closes with a straightforward Vernean sermon on the dangers of scientific progress considered as an embodiment of human arrogance.

  • 1991 D. Pringle 100 Significant ‘Scientific Romances’ in Interzone (#51) Sept. 39/1 page image

    This is notable only as an example of a ‘Vernean’ scientific romance by a British writer.

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Also in the form "Jules Vernean".

Bill Mullins submitted an 1883 cite for the form "Jules-Vernean" from The Dial.

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