ant-man n.

an alien being that resembles an ant in humanoid form

Also as the proper name of several superheroes in the Marvel universe, first appearing in 1962.


  • 1901 H. G. Wells First Men in Moon xxii. 272 H. G. Wells

    These ant-like beings, these ant-men.

  • 1942 R. M. Farley Radio Planet in Famous Fantastic Mysteries Apr. 16/1 page image Ralph Milne Farley bibliography

    Then the ant-man clattered rapidly off down the corridor, taking the precious cartridge with him.

  • 1984 D. Brin Practice Effect iii. iii. 47 David Brin bibliography

    To be slain on sight by mammal-hating antmen, for instance, would have merely been unavoidable bad luck.

  • 1995 S. Baxter Ant-Men of Tibet in Interzone May 11 page image Stephen Baxter bibliography

    The nearest Ant-Man took a single, angular step towards me. He was perhaps five feet all. His legs were so thin they were more like bare bones, I thought, than fleshy limbs. His body seemed segmented…. His head was a sort of pear-shape.

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