ant-man n.

an alien being that resembles an ant in humanoid form

Also as the proper name of several superheroes in the Marvel universe, first appearing in 1962.



  • 1901 H. G. Wells First Men in Moon xxii. 272 H. G. Wells

    These ant-like beings, these ant-men.

  • 1942 ‘R. M. Farley’ Radio Planet in Famous Fantastic Mysteries Apr. 16/1 page image Ralph Milne Farley bibliography

    Then the ant-man clattered rapidly off down the corridor, taking the precious cartridge with him.

  • 1984 D. Brin Practice Effect iii. iii. 47 David Brin bibliography

    To be slain on sight by mammal-hating antmen, for instance, would have merely been unavoidable bad luck.

  • 1995 S. Baxter Ant-Men of Tibet in Interzone May 11 page image Stephen Baxter bibliography

    The nearest Ant-Man took a single, angular step towards me. He was perhaps five feet all. His legs were so thin they were more like bare bones, I thought, than fleshy limbs. His body seemed segmented…. His head was a sort of pear-shape.

  • 2004 K. Baker Mother Aegypt in Year’s Best Science Fiction 22 (2005) 271 page image Kage Baker bibliography

    ‘Now, this was no ordinary island, friends! For on it was the holy shrine of the great Egyptian god Osiris, once guarded by the fierce race of ant-men, the Myrmidions!’ ‘Don’t you mean the Myrmidons?’ called the schoolmaster. ‘They were—’ ‘No, that was somebody else!’ said Golescu. ‘These people I am talking about were terrors, understand? Giant, six-limbed men with fearsome jaws and superhuman strength, whom Osiris placed there to guard the secrets of his temple! [...]’

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