vape v.

to vaporize by means of a weapon; to destroy completely, annihilate

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  • 1976 B. Starr Treasure of Wonderwhat (1977) 193 page image Bill Starr bibliography

    He was a money slave to the captain of the second ZuJu ship that we vaped.

  • 1983 A. D. Foster Man who Used Universe v. 65 Alan Dean Foster bibliography

    You can’t just send over a couple of bullywots to vape him.

  • 1999 M. A. Stackpole I, Jedi 557 Michael A. Stackpole bibliography

    She'll vape the Venture, then vape us.

  • 2004 C. Stross Iron Sunrise 72 Charles Stross bibliography

    We are all vulnerable, because whoever vaped New Moscow has gotten clean away with a monstrous crime.

  • 2015 J. Wagner Judge Dredd: Dark Justice (unpaged) page image

    Oh sweet grud! The ship! They’ve vaped the ship!

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