time-warped adj.

transported from the past or future by a time warp n.

Now chiefly in extended use, not in SF: characterized by a feeling of being from another time; esp. old-fashioned, outdated.

Time Travel

  • 1938 J. V. Peterson Martyrs Don't Mind Dying in Astounding Science-Fiction Mar. 101/2 page image John Victor Peterson bibliography

    His feverish eyes seemed to quest whatever time-warped secret lay within. โ€˜There must be a way to open it,โ€™ he mused.

  • 1945 J. Kennedy Letter in Thrilling Wonder Stories Spring 101/2 page image

    As for the time-warped letters, we'll use them anyhowโ€”but not again.

  • [1976 H. Caen One Man's San Francisco 227

    The Montgomery Streeters in their time-warped 1950s uniforms.]

  • 1984 Fangoria (#32) Jan. 57/2 page image

    It sets up a suspenseful cat-and-mouse game, as the time-warped evildoer and his guide-mistress try to elude the relentless arm of 20th century law.

  • [2003 CondรฉNast Traveller (Brit. ed.) Jan. 174

    Such sightings, and the lack of any contemporary references, lend the landscape a strange, time-warped quality.]

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