time n.

time viewed as a medium through which travel into the past or future is hypothesized or imagined to be possible

SF Encyclopedia

Time Travel

  • 1866 Cornhill Magazine Nov. 567

    This charm of travelling would become perfect if we could travel in time as well as in space—if…we could sometimes take a fortnight in the fifteenth century, or, still more pleasant, a leap into the twenty-first.

  • 1895 H. G. Wells in New Review Jan. 99 H. G. Wells

    You have to admit that time is a spatial dimension,…and then all sorts of remarkable consequences are found inevitable. Among others, that it becomes possible to travel about in time.

  • 1930 F. Flagg Adventure in Time in Science Wonder Stories Apr. 1019/1 page image Francis Flagg bibliography

    ‘What time are you going to travel in?’ Ellis would say, jeering.

  • 1937 O. Saari Time Bender in Astounding Stories Aug. 70/2 page image Oliver Saari bibliography

    The time warp produced by neutronium was the foothold; traveling along and against it, the Time Traveler could move forward in time!

  • 1963 K. Laumer Hoax in Time in Fantastic Aug. 70/1 page image Keith Laumer bibliography

    It hasn’t been broadcasting since we got here because our stay here has all been in time future to the moment at which the computer ceased existing in any real world.

  • 1993 M. Atwood Robber Bride xii. 73 Margaret Atwood

    Trying to go back in time, to create the perfect pre-teen bedroom she once longed for but never had.

  • 2012 E. Mirabelli This Hologram World in Asimov’s Science Fiction Oct.–Nov. 103 page image Eugene Mirabelli bibliography

    You and I know that you can’t go backward in time; we can’t get to the past.

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