teleporter n. 2

a device for teleporting; = teleport n. 1

  • 1950 C. T. Wainwright Teleported Invasion in Fantastic Adventures May 42/1 page image Carter T. Wainwright bibliography

    Doctor Grainlee was building a teleporter.

  • 1954 R. E. Smith Top Secret Boomerang in Fantastic Universe Sept. 91/1 page image Richard E. Smith bibliography

    With the mind-controlled teleporters, he was able to bring to his office chairs, filing cabinets, anything…and he didn’t have to move a tentacle.

  • 1967 R. G. Sipes Of Terrans Bearing Gifts in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact May 31/2 Richard Grey Sipes bibliography

    ‘In a like manner, how could the alleged teleporter work? If one were to “teleport”—,’ he spit out the word as if it had a nasty taste, ‘to a greater or lesser distance from the center of our planet, energy would be gained or lost.’

  • 1973 J. R. Gregory & R. Price Tomorrow People in the Visitor 6 Julian R. Gregory Roger Price

    Close to him stood the teleporter—the large jaunting-vehicle which could transmit the Tomorrow People and their equipment to any corner of the universe, just as swiftly as Stephen had come here from his own sitting-room.

  • 1998 E. S. Nylund Signal To Noise xii. 203

    ‘Wheeler’s latest trade. It uses the same cracks in space that the isotope communicates through, only it sends matter, not light.’ They sat silent a heartbeat, then Isabel picked the sphere up gingerly, as if it might explode. ‘What does that mean precisely?’ ‘Don’t touch it,’ he warned her. She set it back on the desk. ‘For lack of a better word…a teleporter.’

  • 2003 M. Swanwick Legions in Time in Asimov’s Science Fiction Apr. 76 page image Michael Swanwick bibliography

    Something that a day ago she would have sworn couldn’t exist. A teleporter, perhaps, or a time machine.

  • 2014 M. T. Anderson He Laughed with His Other Mouths 204 M. T. Anderson bibliography

    She stepped into the teleporter…and pulled the lever. The Garxx watched her flicker and disappear. The teleporter was empty.

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