teleport n. 3

an act of teleportation n.

  • 1983 S. Brust Jhereg Introd. 4 Steven Brust bibliography

    Slowly, my stomach settled down from the nausea that had hit when I had done the teleport that brought me here.

  • 1984 S. Brust Yendi i. 2 Steven Brust bibliography

    Lady Teldra let me in as I recovered from the teleport.

  • 2012 K. M. Ruiz Terminal Point xliv. 300 K. M. Ruiz bibliography

    I've only got enough strength left for one more teleport.

  • 2014 N. Singh Shield of Winter 81 Nalini Singh bibliography

    Ivy picked up Rabbit. She knew he had to be kept under control during the teleport, but he disliked leashes.

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