Wellsian n.

a devotee or follower of H. G. Wells

SF Criticism

  • 1914 Clarion 28 Aug. 12/3

    I hear a good many Men of Peace asserting that this war is a war for Freedom. I do not think they all mean the same thing. If they all meant the same thing as Mr. H. G. Wells, for instance, it would be a holy war indeed. But I am afraid the Wellsians are a very tiny minority.

  • 1916 G. B. Shaw Pygmalion 200

    The new-born Wellsian had to find her bearings almost as ridiculously as a baby.

  • 1971 Shakespeare Quarterly 22 131

    The failure of the Wellsians is inconsequential, since they have produced a society in which no one can effectively contest their failure.

  • 2003 N.Y. Observer (Nexis) 6 Jan. 28

    As good Wellsians, they predicted that a whole new form of community…would emerge.

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