retcon v.

to revise retrospectively (an aspect of a fictional work or series), typically by means of a revelation which imposes a different interpretation on previously described events; cf. retcon n.

SF Fandom

  • 1989 Re: New Star Wars Film? in rec.arts.sf-lovers (Usenet newsgroup) 15 Aug.

    Lucas retconned the opening credits after the release of TESB, once it was clear that the films were doing well enough that the first set would be completed.

  • 1989 Re: Infinite Earths in rec.arts.comics (Usenet newsgroup) 22 Dec.

    โ€˜Crisisโ€™ let DC have good reason to retcon characters to whatever extent neededโ€”heck, it practically demanded it.

  • 2011 Fantasy & Science Fiction Jan. 40/1

    The only companion he has is a dog named Ed thatโ€™s been retconned out of existence.

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