precog n. 2

precognition; foreknowledge, esp. as a form of extrasensory perception; cf. precog n. 1 and earlier precog v.

Freq. attrib.


  • 1954 P. K. Dick World of Talent in Galaxy Science Fiction Oct. 10/2 Philip K. Dick bibliography

    His wife’s precog span was somewhat greater than his own.

  • 1968 R. Silverberg Man in the Maze in Worlds of If Apr. 33/1 page image Robert Silverberg bibliography

    Look, sometimes I think I've got a little precog. I see things ahead.

  • 1980 S. Sucharitkul Sing a Song of Mallworld in Asimov’s Science Fiction July 37 page image S. P. Somtow bibliography

    Was it a flash of unconscious precog that the psifi had caused to surface?

  • 1988 D. Suvin Positions & Presuppositions in Science Fiction 124

    [The novel] is overburdened with quite unnecessary elements such as Mayerson’s precog faculties.

  • 2007 L. Shepard in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Sept. 103/2 page image Lucius Shepard

    Dick’s original story dealt with a golden-skinned mutant and a government paranoid about his pre-cog abilities.

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