neural adj.

connected directly to the nervous system; relating to or designating an interface between an electronic device and the nervous system

Originally used in science fiction, but now in use as an actual scientific term.


  • [1949 H. Kuttner Time Axis in Startling Stories Jan. 61/2 page image Henry Kuttner bibliography

    I expected the laboratory, enormously braced, enmeshed with catwalks and, sparkling far across the room, the bright neural webbing that meant the dangerous man-machine was in the making.]

  • 1951 J. H. Schmitz Space Fear in Astounding Science Fiction Mar. 11/1 page image James H. Schmitz bibliography

    The flat, brown, soft-shelled…bodies of the two Bjantas were being drawn in through one of the Viper’s locks and deposited gently in a preservative tank…. Most of the bunched neural extensions that made them a unit with the mechanisms of their detachable space-shells had been sheared off, of course.

  • 1955 J. H. Schmitz Grandpa in Astounding Science Fiction Feb. 127/2 page image James H. Schmitz bibliography

    The countless neural extensions that connected it now with the raft came free in a succession of sucking, tearing sounds.

  • 1976 M. Bishop And Strange at Ecbatan i. x. 61 Michael Bishop bibliography

    The ones who have roles always require surgical adaptation, electrode implanting, cybernetic neural grafting.

  • 1986 G. Benford & D. Brin Heart of Comet (1987) i. 10 David Brin Gregory Benford bibliography

    Tapped into channels through a direct neural link and wrist servos, she scarcely moved.

  • 1990 S. S. Tepper Raising the Stones i. iv. 108 Sheri S. Tepper bibliography

    A neuropad at the top of each leg matched up to a neuropad on the body, and when the animal entered its exoskeleton, it simply reestablished neural contact.

  • 1997 P. F. Hamilton Escape Route in Interzone 36/2 page image Peter F. Hamilton bibliography

    He ordered his neural nanonics to open a fresh memory cell, and stored the pair of them in a visual file.

  • 2015 G. N. Bossert Twelve & Tag in Asimov’s Science Fiction Mar. 46 page image Gregory Norman Bossert bibliography

    Crew’s got the sort of money for neural backup?

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