Wellsian adj.

of, pertaining to, or resembling the ideas and writings of H. G. Wells, esp. in his science fiction, social comment, etc.

SF Criticism

  • 1895 Manchester Guardian 3 Dec. 10/5

    The touch of farce at the end is truly Wellsian.

  • [1899 Pall Mall Gazette 10 May 2/2

    Lord Rosebery’s H. G. Wellsian sketch of what would happen if the country were suddenly deprived of its functionaries altogether seems to omit one consideration of moment.]

  • 1903 Illustrated London News 21 Nov. 774/1

    The Wellsian…story could only be written by a man possessed of imagination, humour, insight, and some knowledge of science.

  • 1905 Interior 22 June 802/1

    ‘A Modern Utopia’…includes many genuinely logical conclusions as to Utopian possibilities, enforced seriously or jauntily, but usually with the charming Wellsian elusiveness of style.

  • 1935 M. McLuhan Letter 31 Mar. in M. Molinaro et al. Marshall McLuhan Letters (1987) 65

    How much more courageous realistic and honest to say ‘the dark ages before us’™, than to gibber cravenly in Wellsian fashion of vulgar Utopias.

  • 1946 R. G. Collingwood Idea of History 252

    Some Wellsian machine for looking backwards through time.

  • 1993 SFRA Rev. Jan. 47

    Hammond’s strength is his intimate knowledge of the Wellsian biography.

  • 1993 Science Fiction Stud. Nov. 437

    It establishes a textual base on which the next hundred years of Wellsian scholarship will be built.

  • 1994 Science Fiction Age July 82/3

    These 55 cards, now a prime collectible with a mint set fetching $2000, were a reprise of the great Wellsian theme of invasion from Mars.

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