Franken- prefix

(used to form nouns in the sense ‘created or modified by scientific techniques, esp. genetic engineering’)


  • 1967 J. Blish To Love Another in Analog Apr. 23/2 James Blish

    One of the lab men said that we have a Frankenslime to deal with.

  • 1972 Indianapolis Teen Star 8 Jan. 6/5

    A bevy of hip nuns, 'a bowl of raisins' and a mad scientist and his Frankenplant are a few of the between act jesters.

  • 1976 Boston Globe 29 Aug. A9/1

    New World Films, Roger Corman’s low-budget production company, is countering with 'Frankencar,' a first in the auto-horror genre.

  • 1992 P. Lewis in N.Y. Times 16 June a24/5

    Ever since Mary Shelley’s baron rolled his improved human out of the lab, scientists have been bringing just such good things to life. If they want to sell us Frankenfood, perhaps it’s time to gather the villagers, light some torches and head to the castle.

  • 1999 New Scientist 6 Nov. 12/1

    Activists decked out as genetically engineered monsters took to the streets of New York and Washington DC on Halloween to protest against what they call ‘Frankenscience’.

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