Flash Gordon adj.

used attributively to indicate something science-fictional, especially relating to or suggestive of stereotypical or hackneyed science fiction; Buck Rogers n.

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SF Criticism

  • 1938 Pittsburgh Press 11 Apr. 16/2

    Meanwhile, Mr. Crabbe will go ahead with his adventure films — "Red Barry," "Buck Rogers" and "Flash Gordon" stuff the kiddies like so much.

  • 1938 Austin (Texas) American 4 Nov. 6/2

    When the broadcast one of his wars of the future over the radio last Sunday night and had heat rays and meteorites and all that Flash Gordon stuff busting and killing people it really got folks scared.

  • 1938 Richmond (Virginia) Times Dispatch Magazine 20 Nov. 9/3

    It told a Flash Gordon type of story in which two men in love with the same woman staged a war over her hand, and the man who won brought about his victory by the invention of an electric gun that far overpowered the other, better-equipped army.

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