feelie n.

a motion picture augmented by tactile effects which are felt by the viewer; chiefly in plural (frequently with the): the screening of such pictures; such pictures as a type of entertainment

Frequently associated with Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

[prob. modeled on talkie]

  • 1929 Indianapolis Times 13 July 4/3

    As though the ‘talkies’ were not enough, we are now promised the ‘smellies.’ If God is good, we may get the ‘tasties’ and the ‘feelies.’ In fact the film industry seems bent on leaving nothing to the imagination.

  • 1931 A. Huxley Music at Night ii. 123 Aldous Huxley

    The theatres in which the egalitarians will enjoy the talkies, tasties, smellies, and feelies.

  • 1932 A. Huxley Brave New World xi. 197 Aldous Huxley bibliography

    Take hold of those metal knobs on the arms of your chair… Otherwise you won’t get any of the feely effects.

  • 1953 J. E. Gunn Breaking Point in Space Science Fiction Mar. 12/1 page image James E. Gunn bibliography

    Imagine that. No video or trideo. No jet-races or feelies. What do people do with their time in a place like this?

  • 1964 Discovery Oct. 22/1

    We shall certainly need to be most cautious if techniques develop—to colour, three dimensions, or even to the ‘smellies’ and ‘feelies’.

  • 1993 New Yorker 17 May 105/1

    When the holograms acquire tactile capability, they fulfill Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ vision of ‘feelies’.

  • 2011 S. Stanton Bloodlight Chronicles: Retribution ii. 22 Steve Stanton bibliography

    ‘I'm looking for sex,’ she said… ‘Vidi, feelie, or text?’ ‘Uh, feelie.’

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Simon Koppel submitted a 1929 example from the Indianapolis Times.

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