energy vampire n.

a being that feeds on energy (in various senses)

  • 1967 C. Wilson Mind Parasites 65 page image Colin Wilson bibliography

    So long as he [i.e. man] is unaware of them, they can feed on him like vampires, sucking away his energy… For more than two centuries now, the human mind has been constantly a prey to these energy vampires.

  • 1989 B. J. Frost Monster with Thousand Faces i. 105

    The threat to human survival is posed by energy vampires from a remote planet.

  • 1997 S. J. Bounds Best of S. J. Bounds (2003) II. 109

    ‘We seem to be losing energy through the hull… Something outside is draining our nuclear energy…’ ‘Full power… Outrun it…!’ The ship continued on its path…, pursued by the energy vampire.

  • 2016 SFX (#274) July 58 page image

    An energy vampire in the form of a humanoid pteranodon…and the power to absorb the lifeforce of mutants!

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