ship v.

transitive to discuss, portray, or advocate a romantic pairing of (two characters who appear in a work of (serial) fiction), esp. when such a pairing is not depicted in the original work; also intransitive


SF Fandom

  • 1998 X-Files Official Magazine Winter 8/1

    To ship, or not to ship?—That is the question we asked readers… And answer in droves they did, with a loud and resounding, ‘Yes!’…Mulder and Scully should become involved in an overtly romantic capacity right now!

  • 2006 Observer (Nexis) 6 Aug. 5

    There’s fan fiction with plot, and then there’s fan fiction which is just sex. But we sub-divide ourselves into who you ship.

  • 2013 M. Kirby-Diaz in J. K. Stuller Fan Phenomena: Buffy the Vampire Slayer 43

    Over half of the fans who responded to the survey were Buffy/Spike fans, while slightly more than one-third each ’shipped Buffy/Angel and Angel/Spike.

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