earthly adj.

belonging to or characteristic of Earth

  • 1783 ‘Man of People’ Man in Moon; or, Travels into Lunar Regions xv. 201 page image bibliography

    This [sc. Mare Fecunditatis] is the only region in the moon that produces human creatures; the inhabitants of every other country in that planet being imported from the earth. The ladies of this place are not subject to the pains of uterine gestation, and child-birth, like earthly ladies. They are oviparous; and sit upon their eggs, with very short intervals, for three months.

  • 1876 C. E. Fitz-Gerald Semi-Scientific Lectures (1880) 247 page image

    An earthly man if conveyed to the sun would weigh 20,000 tons.

  • 1908 H. G. Wells in Cosmopolitan Magazine Mar. 340/1 H. G. Wells

    The same reason…will make the forms of the Martian animal kingdom laxer and flimsier…than earthly types.

  • 1929 J. Williamson & M. J. Breuer Girl from Mars 12 Miles J. Breuer, M.D. Jack Williamson

    Is Pandorina the child of earthly parents?… I came to earth in a meteor.

  • 1949 R. A. Heinlein Red Planet viii. 125 Robert A. Heinlein bibliography

    Jim had never heard a Martian speak an Earthly tongue before.

  • 2006 A. Steffen et al. Worldchanging (2008) 533/2

    Of greater long-term concern is the possibility of contaminating other planets with earthly microbes riding along on poorly handled space probes.

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