datasphere n.

the notional environment in which digital data is stored; esp. the internet viewed in this way; (also) the realm of virtual reality; cyberspace n.

  • 1989 D. Simmons Hyperion iii. 199

    The datasphere was a construct delight that first yearβ€”I called up information almost constantly, living in a frenzy of full interface.

  • 1989 Seeking Product/Company Name in comp.society.futures (Usenet newsgroup) 21 Aug.

    Does anyone out there in the Datasphere know of this company and/or its machine?

  • 1994 D. Rushkoff Cyberia Introd. 5

    Using only a personal computer and a modem, anyone can now access the datasphere (a web of telecommunications and computer networks stretching around the world and into outer space).

  • 2001 Guardian 25 Jan. (Online section) 14/1

    But real human beings with more human concerns have…begun to poke around the datasphere in search of something fun to do.

  • 2009 J. L. Cambias in G. Dozois Year's Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Sixth Anniversary Collection 334

    You're hot. The Dione datasphere is crawling with agents looking for you. This conversation is drawing way too much attention to me.

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