Alpha Centaurian adj.

of or relating to the Alpha Centauri star system or its inhabitants; cf. Centaurian adj.


  • 1934 S. R. Powers et al. This Changing World iii. 49

    From this Alpha Centaurian planet the sun would be seen as a bright star.

  • 1968 H. Harrison Sword & Sorcery in Fantastic Aug. 4/1 page image Harry Harrison

    β€˜Take that you Alpha Centaurian swine!’ Carter Thoris grated through his clenched teeth as…he fired a burning laser beam into the armored thorax of the Captain.

  • 1988 P. Anderson Iron in L. Niven et al. Man-Kzin Wars (1989) v. 48 Poul Anderson bibliography

    The quartermaster was showing her around while Rover moved up the Alpha Centaurian gravity well.

  • 2013 J. W. Garson What Logics Mean xiv. 228

    Alpha Centaurian anthropologists looking at inferential roles alone have no reason to think that our models are referential.

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