Alpha Centaurian n.

a native or inhabitant of the Alpha Centauri star system; cf. Centaurian n.


  • 1931 H. K. Wells When Moon Turned Green in Astounding Stories May 252/1 page image Hal K. Wells bibliography

    Over to the left of the dormant hybrids stood an Alpha Centaurian.

  • 1942 M. Lesser Letter in Planet Stories Spring 122/2 page image Milton Lesser bibliography

    If you have one of these Alpha Centaurians on hand, please send it to him, orange eyes and all.

  • 1952 ‘R. Dee’ Paradox Planet in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 123/1 Roger Dee bibliography

    But then the Alpha Centaurian had shown up. He had drifted in a cosmic derelict who had wandered clear out of his own system.

  • 1978 G. R. Osgood Last Master of Limericks in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Nov.–Dec. 97 page image Garry R. Osgood bibliography

    The information, travelling at c, was received by the Alpha Centaurians about four years later.

  • 1992 D. Carey Star Trek: Best Destiny xiv. 163 Diane Carey

    There are a dozen other civilizations more advanced than humanity, just in known space…. The Vulcans, Orions, Andorians, the Alpha Centaurians…a few others.

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