Centaurian adj.

of or relating to the constellation Centaurus or one of its star systems, esp. Alpha Centauri, or its inhabitants; cf. Alpha Centaurian adj.


  • 1901 Good Words Dec. 706/2

    One wonders if the Centaurian inhabitant gives to this yellow star more than a passing thought.

  • 1904 A. W. Roberts Giant Suns in Chambers’s Journal 4 Apr. 297/1 page image

    How carefully Canopian, Arcturian, or Centaurian men and women would have to plan out their lives, or have them planned out for them; for if any man wanted to see the world he would have to leave the most of the seeing to his descendants; he would require to β€˜do’ various lands by generations!

  • 1947 G. O. Smith in Thrilling Wonder Stories Apr. 87/1 George O. Smith

    He'd go down in history…as the first peacetime user of directive power for interstellar flight. He'd comb the Centaurian system, and then return home with proof.

  • 1971 W. W. Wagar Building City of Man iv. 79

    If the human race were confronted with a great extraterrestrial foe, a Martian or Centaurian or Betelgeusean invasion.

  • 2013 C. L. Bennett Choice of Futures vii. 132

    The Centaurian defense minister had backed him up, pointing out that the worst threats the region had faced in recent years had come from unknown foes.

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