Centaurian n.

a native or inhabitant of the constellation Centaurus or of a star system within it, esp. Alpha Centauri; cf. Alpha Centaurian n.


  • 1931 H.K. Wells When Moon Turned Green in Astounding Stories May 253/2 page image Hal K. Wells bibliography

    The other Centaurian had come hurrying over now to aid its mate.

  • 1942 โ€˜H. H. Holmesโ€™ Rocket to Morgue 16 Anthony Boucher

    A pulsing arc of purple light grew in the middle of the room and forth from it stepped a green-bearded Centaurian.

  • 1959 S. Palmer in Fantastic Universe Mar. 83/2

    No Centaurian aboard doubted the wisdomโ€ฆof the decision to retreat before it was too late.

  • 2000 R. D'Artagnan Journey towards Forever xxxv. 234

    The Centaurians donโ€™t let us in on their technology.

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