earthship n.

a spacecraft from or belonging to Earth

The OED also has an earlier sense, ‘The earth, regarded figuratively as a ship travelling through the heavens, space, etc.’, with an unclear example from 1806 and then quotations from 1874 onwards.


  • 1933 Syracuse (N.Y.) Herald 27 Mar. 14/5

    Martian spaceguard…calling guardship, 27, sub-cosmic-directional radio-finder shows earth ship approaching your position at unbelievable speed!

  • 1960 Jrnl. Water Pollution Control Federation Apr. 339/1

    The Martians would probably not be very impressed if the first Earthship arrives in a cloud of refuse.

  • 1992 H. Collins Mutagenesis 337

    Mattie says when the earthship leaves they will have better places, away from Eastcountry.

  • 1994 Interzone Oct. 40/3

    Zoom in again to show the Earthship actually docking, locking on and equalizing pressures.

  • 1996 D. Brin Infinity's Shore (1997) 433 David Brin

    Until the Earthship Vesarius fell through an undetected hyperanomaly, ending humanity’s long isolation.

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