earthrise n.

the rise of Earth above the horizon, as seen by an observer on (or in orbit around) the moon, or another planet; an instance of this

  • 1891 P. Burne-Jones (title of painting)

    Earth-rise from the moon.

  • 1932 W. Kateley Room for the Super Race in Amazing Stories Aug. 442/2 page image Walter Kateley bibliography

    It will be coming up again in the east very soonโ€ฆ. I hope we have a clear โ€˜earth-riseโ€™.

  • 1953 M. Wolf The Statue in Worlds of If Jan. 81/1 page image Mari Wolf bibliography

    It had become almost a ritual with us these last few years, staying up night after night to watch the earthrise.

  • 1969 L. Ginsberg Letter 30 May in A. Ginsberg & L. Ginsberg Family Business: Selected Letters (2001) 290

    How do you like the pictures of the earthrise seen from near the moon? The earth looks innocent, blue-and-white, afloat in a black silence.

  • 1988 J. Barnes Limit of Vision in Asimovโ€™s Science Fiction July 133 page image

    I can still remember staying up for Earthrise with my parents when I was little.

  • 2003 Wired May 147/2

    On its 90-day trek, Trailblazer plans to beam back dramatic hi-res shots of earthrise.

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interdating 1953

Research History
New entry in the OED in December 2010, with an earliest date of 1969.

Malcolm Farmer submitted a 1907 cite from an essay that pointed out that a painting titled Earth-Rise: from the Moon suffered a glaring astronomical error (the Earth is motionless as seen from the Moon, and so neither rises or sets).
Malcolm Farmer submitted magazine cites from 1891, in which art exhibition reviewers discussed this painting (which was by Philip Burne-Jones)

Jesse Sheidlower submitted a 1953 cite from Worlds of If.

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