con crud n.

an illness (esp. a cold) suffered while or shortly after attending an SF convention

SF Fandom

  • 2014 Scientifiction (New Series #41) 3rd quarter 4 page image

    The radio broadcast was sponsored by ‘Cold Be Gone’ which was guaranteed to deal with all your con-crud needs!

  • 2016 D. Stone All the Feels: All is Fair in Love & Fandom 189

    ‘I feel like I’m going to be sick,’ she moaned. ‘You will.’ Xander laughed. ‘But that’ll be as a result of nonstop partying and the subsequent con-crud…’ He dragged her into the crowd. ‘Hold on tight. This ride doesn’t slow down for anyone.’ And with that, Dragon Con began.

  • 2017 N. L. Hill Embodying Cosplay: Fandom Communities in USA (MA thesis, Georgia State University) 52

    Con-goers attempt to maximize their time by forsaking normal routine for the convention experience. Hence, why many complain about ‘con crud’, an illness that spreads around at pop culture conventions due to the large numbers of people who gather and interact in one confined place, after a convention. Lack of sleep, drama, stress, travel and post-convention depression may also weaken the immune system, contributing to con crud.

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