nightside adj.

of or relating to the nightside n.

  • 1935 S.G. Weinbaum Parasite Planet in Astounding Stories Feb. 69 (footnote) page image Stanley G. Weinbaum bibliography

    It was not known then that while the night-side life of Venus can eat and digest that of the day side, the reverse is not true. No day-side creature can absorb the dark life because of the presence of various metabolic alcohols, all poisonous.

  • 1935 S.G. Weinbaum Lotus Eaters in Astounding Stories Apr. 58/2

    Triops noctivivans actually is a night-side creature, and those in the mountains are outposts or fragments that've wandered into the sunless chasms.

  • 1958 ‘C. M. Knox’ Fueling Stop in Future Science Fiction Oct. 30/2 page image Robert Silverberg bibliography

    We were spiralling down to the surface of the planet for a nightside landing.

  • 2004 P. F. Hamilton Pandora's Star xxiv. 801 Peter F. Hamilton

    They were a thousand kilometres above Anshun’s nightside equator, and curving round above the second-largest ocean.

  • 2005 R. J. Sawyer Mindscan xiii. 89 Robert J. Sawyer

    I watched as the nightside part of Earth—lenticular in this perspective, like a cat’s black pupil abutting the blue crescent of the dayside—kissed the gray lunar horizon.

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any evidence 1935

Earliest cite

Stanley G. Weinbaum, The Lotus Eaters

Research History
Fred Galvin submitted a cite from a 1959 reprint of Stanley G. Weinbaum's "The Lotus Eaters", which Mike Christie verified in we the original publication (Astounding Stories, April 1935)

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