fembot n.

a robot resembling a woman in appearance; (also) a woman characterized as having robotic behavior or demeanor


  • 1976 Fresno (Calif.) Bee 24 Oct. (TV Mag.) 22/1

    Lindsay Wagner, as Jaimie Sommers, fearfully awaits attack by a โ€˜fembotโ€™.

  • 1978 M. Daly Gyn/Ecology 17

    Fembots titter at themselves when Daddy turns the switch.

  • 1994 Preliminary Schedule Main Events SFRA Conf. 10 May 1

    No Fembots Here: Women of Power in F. Herbertโ€™s Dune.

  • 2003 Guardian 22 May i. 19/3

    Sheโ€™s a Terminator-style fembot sent back in time from a brutal post-apocalypse world.

  • 2004 Toronto Star 14 Dec. d2/2

    The other contestants never warmed up to confrontational Jennifer M. She was called a plastic mannequin, a fembot.

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