uplifter n.

a genetic engineer who carries out uplift n.

  • 2006 C. Doctorow I, Row-Boat in Overclocked (2007) 185 Cory Doctorow bibliography

    β€˜The reef told us who they were when they arrived.’ β€˜Hold on, what? The reef?’…. So Robbie told him what he knew of the uplifted reef and the distant and cool voice of the uplifter. β€˜It’s an uplifted coral reef? Christ, humanity sucks. That’s the dumbest fucking thing—’.

  • 2007 J. Scalzi Ghost Brigades 269

    Although the word uplift by its nature implies good intentions on the part of the uplifter, which is not in evidence here. From what I can get from the Obin, the Consu one day wondered what would happen if you made some species smart. So they came to Obinur, found an omnivore in a minor ecological niche, and gave it intelligence. You know, just to see what would happen next.

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