Earthian n. 2

a language spoken on Earth, esp. a universal language spoken widely by Earth people



  • 1943 C. D. Simak Hunch in Astounding Science-Fiction July 19/1 Clifford D. Simak

    It was a roundabout way, a long way, an awkward way to read the language of Mars, Monk reflected. Martian to Jovian to Earthian. But it was better than no way at all.

  • 1944 J. Shelton Culture in Astounding Science-Fiction Sept. 51/2 page image Jerry Shelton bibliography

    The native walked over to Benton and said in perfect Earthian β€˜Well…I didn’t think I looked that surprised.’

  • 1958 C. V. DeVet & K. MacLean Second Game in Astounding Science Fiction Mar. 67/2 page image

    β€˜I apologize if I have insulted you,’ I said in Earthian. β€˜I do not yet always understand what I am saying, in your language.’

  • 1975 M. I. Ricketts in K. Bulmer New Writings in SF (#25) 164 page image Martin Ricketts bibliography

    Despite the manifold difficulties involved in teaching an alien our tongue, his Earthian was becoming increasingly fluent and errorless day by day.

  • 2007 S. S. Tepper Margarets 104 page image Sheri S. Tepper bibliography

    Sister Lorpa spoke Earthian very clearly, in a high, sweet voice, starting without preamble to describe something called the β€˜ghyrm.’ I recognized this as a Cantardene word meaning β€˜eater.’

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