asteroid field n.

a region of space in which there is a high density of asteroids; cf. asteroid belt n.


  • 1942 R. F. Jones Starting Point in Astounding Science-Fiction Feb. 75/2 page image Raymond F. Jones bibliography

    The crazy kid, instead of curving up over the asteroid field, he’s smashing through the thick of them at nearly four gees. He’ll bust a gut even if he don’t hit another asteroid.

  • 1950 H. B. Hickey Man from Arbutus in Amazing Stories Mar. 70/2 page image H. B. Hickey bibliography

    As soon as we cleared the last asteroid field, I turned on my phone.

  • 1954 K. F. Crossen Agile Algolian in Thrilling Wonder Stories Winter 83 page image Kendell Foster Crossen bibliography

    There we were—cutting around through that asteroid field like a couple of kids playing hide-and-seek.

  • 1978 L. Brackett & L. Kasdan Empire Strikes Back (film script) (fourth draft, 24 Oct.) 68

    Han It’s just the chance we need. Leia To get killed…you’re not seriously going into an asteroid field. Han Aren’t I? Hang on, sweetheart. We’re gonna do some flyin’. Another asteroid thumps against the ship. Leia winces.

  • 2010 K. K. Rusch Becoming One with the Ghosts in Asimov’s Science Fiction Oct.–Nov. 16 page image Kristine Kathryn Rusch bibliography

    An asteroid field where there shouldn’t be one. A star in the proper position, but not at the proper intensity. A planet with two moons instead of the expected three.

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