visor screen n.

= viewscreen n.

  • 1931 N. Schachner & A. Zagat Revolt of the Machines in Astounding Stories July 91/2 page image Arthur Leo Zagat Nat Schachner

    An oval visor-screen with its flitting images brought across space the area the switches controlled.

  • 1936 N. Schachner Isotope Men in Astounding Stories Jan. 68/1 page image Nat Schachner bibliography

    The visor screen went blank.

  • 1942 N. S. Bond Mr. Biggs Goes to Town in Amazing Stories Oct. 131/2 page image Nelson S. Bond bibliography

    The visor screen brightened, and we were looking into the scowling pan of none other than the big boss himself.

  • 1953 A. Coppel Peacemaker in Worlds of If Jan. 74/1 page image

    Merril’s face appeared in my visor screen.

  • 1963 J. Jakes Underfollow in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction May 68/2 page image

    On the visor screen a sea-blue Mican, his voice coming through the translator, inquired with contempt whether he was J. Pendennis.

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antedating 1931

Earliest cite

Nathan Schachner and Arthur L. Zagat's 'Venus Mines Incorporated'

Research History
Fred Galvin submitted a 1931 cite from Nathan Schachner and Arthur L. Zagat's 'Venus Mines Incorporated'.

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