midspace n.

outer space, viewed as an area in its own right

Sometimes apparently with the implication of interplanetary rather than interstellar space.

  • 1900 Glasgow Herald 7 Apr. 4/6

    The quarrel arises out of disputes about the colonisation of Iosia, a planet in midspace.

  • 1929 E. Hamilton Outside the Universe in Weird Tales July 49/1 page image Edmond Hamilton

    Our whole ship suddenly spun crazily in mid-space.

  • 1932 E. Hamilton Conquest of Two Worlds in Wonder Stories Feb. 1048/1 page image Edmond Hamilton

    Drake’s expedition proved a classic in disaster. Two of his ten rockets perished in mid-space in a meteor swarm. Many of the men in the other rockets were struck down by the malign combination of the weightlessness, the unsoftened ultra-violet rays, and the terrific glare and gloom of mid-space.

  • 1932 ‘E. Binder’ The First Martian in Amazing Stories Oct. 656/2 page image Earl Binder Otto Binder bibliography

    Of course, the shape of a rocket-ship does not matter in the least out in mid-space.

  • 1934 E. E. Smith Triplanetary in Amazing Stories Jan. 35/2 page image Edward E. Smith bibliography

    [The] torpedos…could not be controlled, but darted madly and erratically hither and thither, finally to be exploded harmlessly in mid-space by the touch of some fiercely insistent, probing beam of force.

  • 1948 ‘M. Leinster’ Planet of Sand in Famous Fantastic Mysteries Feb. 94/1 page image Murray Leinster

    It was absurdly like a hobby-horse for a man in a space suit, and it was totally unsuitable for interplanetary work because it consumed too much power when fighting gravity. For Stan, though, starting in mid-space and with only one landing to make, it should be adequate.

  • 1960 M. F. Yaco No Moving Parts in Amazing Stories May 21/2 page image Murray F. Yaco bibliography

    At least two Hegler drives have stopped working in mid space.

  • 1981 S. Sutcharitkul Mallworld Graffiti in Asimov’s Science Fiction Aug. 150 page image S. P. Somtow

    Chaos! Cars were colliding in mid-space.

  • 1998 P. Anderson Starfarers li. 474 page image Poul Anderson bibliography

    A ship is not a planet. She can’t hold a full ecology. She doesn’t have plate tectonics, or any broad margin of tolerance. Wastes accumulate, toxins, unusables. Adrift in mid[-]space, with no proper means of flushout and replenishment—if a crew did live through the shock, I wouldn’t give them more than twenty years.

  • 2009 J. Robson Cracklegrackle in New Space Opera 2 455 page image Justina Robson bibliography

    I do not see how any legally operating taxi would be involved, and the illegal ones all come from midspace, and most have Unity drives. The most likely destination is Turbulence, the port on Hygeia. The majority of transfers takes place there and there’s only lip service paid to the law at any level.

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