space force n.

a branch of the military that acts in outer space

  • 1932 R. Cummings Wandl, the Invader in Astounding Stories May 244 page image Ray Cummings bibliography

    The masters of Wandl immediately recognized the paramount importance of the coming battle in space, and promptly sent more space-forces off.

  • 1935 J. W. Campbell Mightiest Machine in Astounding Stories Jan. 151/2 page image John W. Campbell, Jr. bibliography

    He talked to the space-force staff and showed them a greater source of power lay in the sun.

  • 1940 J. Williamson Hindsight in Astounding Science-Fiction May 104/1 page image Jack Williamson bibliography

    Why have you gathered three fourths of your space forces, to crush a handful of plotters?

  • 1950 A. Bester Devil's Invention in Astounding Science Fiction Aug. 144/2 page image Alfred Bester bibliography

    On March 20th, the war broke…. On July 11th he was brevetted to command of the wrecked Space Force, being jumped one thousand seven hundred eighty-nine grades over regular officers. On September 19th he assumed supreme command in the Battle of the Parsec and won the victory that ended the disastrous solar annihilation called the Six Month War.

  • 1965 M. Z. Bradley Star of Danger (1985) 19 Marion Zimmer Bradley bibliography

    The man who bought this gun from our space-force guard has a collection of rare old weapons.

  • 1999 U.S. News & World Report 8 Nov. 38/1

    Sen. Bob Smith of New Hampshire, who chairs the Senate subcommittee on strategic forces, has threatened congressional action to establish a fifth military service—a Space Force—if the Air Force, which has responsibility for most of the Pentagon’s orbiting systems, doesn’t pursue space weapons more aggressively.

  • 2004 M. Bishop Angst of God in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction Oct.–Nov. 93 page image Michael Bishop bibliography

    Counselor Ztang…let slip that a virulent fungal smut had almost derailed his aspirations to enter the ztun space force.

  • 2019 Y. H. Lee Dragon Pearl i. 3 Yoon Ha Lee bibliography

    Just two more years left before I could take the entrance exams for the Thousand Worlds Space Forces and follow my brother, Jun, into the service. That was all that kept me going.

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