beam weapon n.

a weapon that fires a destructive beam of energy


  • [1931 R. Cummings White Invaders in Astounding Stories Dec. 348 page image Ray Cummings bibliography

    The green light-beam weapons were merely another application of the same principle…. The light-beams were swift and violent in their action.]

  • 1936 E. Hamilton Mutiny on Europa in Thrilling Wonder Stories Dec. 70/1 page image Edmond Hamilton bibliography

    We could see an officer inside, checking the racks of beam-weapons.

  • 1939 ‘E. Binder’ Prison of Time in Dynamic Science Stories May 29/2 page image

    Earth could use your great science… And your marvellous anti-gravity ships and beam-weapon, in the war! If we had your help, we would win!

  • 1947 R. M. Williams The Weapon in Amazing Stories July 86/1 page image Robert Moore Williams bibliography

    They have threatened to begin the systematic destruction of our cities by means of the beam weapon with which their ships are equipped.

  • 1952 R. S. Shaver The Sun-Smiths in Other Worlds Aug. 60/2 page image Richard S. Shaver bibliography

    The stranger…had flashed his beam weapon upon him and cut him down.

  • 1966 F. Saberhagen Face of the Deep in Worlds of If Sept. 51/2 page image Fred Saberhagen

    Why wasn’t it firing? As if to answer his thought the flare of a beam-weapon struck out from the launch.

  • 1992 B. B. Longyear The Green in Amazing Stories Sept. 24/1 page image Barry B. Longyear bibliography

    Curt was standing naked upon the floor, a beam weapon in his hand.

  • 2015 D. Wexler End of War in Asimov’s Science Fiction June 26 page image Django Wexler bibliography

    Gar has built a diffuser—a mob that projects a defensive field that spreads out the energy from beam weapons.

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