blast rifle n.

a long shoulder weapon that fires a destructive beam of energy; cf. blaster n.


  • 1935 F. B. Long Exiles of the Stratosphere in Astounding Stories July 44/1 page image Frank Belknap Long bibliography

    He responded to the awful peril with a grim competence. Seizing the handle of his blast rifle he swung it swiftly about.

  • 1951 K. Neville Hunt the Hunter in Galaxy Science Fiction 13/2 page image Kris Neville bibliography

    Extrone carried the only weapon, slung easily over his shoulder, a powerful blast rifle, capable of piercing medium armor in sustained fire.

  • 1957 ‘M. Leinster’ Med Service in Astounding Science Fiction 86/2 page image Murray Leinster bibliography

    There was light enough to show that it was not a blast-rifle—in fact, that it was no weapon of any kind modern men would ordinarily know.

  • 1967 K. Laumer Retief, War Criminal in Worlds of If Apr. 66/2 page image Keith Laumer bibliography

    Retief backed to the shrine, unlimbered the blast rifle, swung it to cover the throng which halted, facing him.

  • 2009 A. Wheeler Renegade 87 Alex Wheeler bibliography

    Luke wondered what had happened to the suit’s original owner. He suspected that the blast rifle slung around the Trandoshan’s neck might have had something to do with it.

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