lunarscape n.

a landscape on the Moon

  • 1908 Macon (Missouri) Republican 28 Mar. 1/1

    In short, when we gaze on and see at a glance one whole hemisphere of another world, 240,000 miles away, and the landscape, or rather Lunar-scape before us measuring 2163 miles across, we become interested in and amazed at the stupendous power of nature, and are inclined to believe that the Almighty Creator has left the moon in its present condition to show us how worlds are made.

  • 1946 B. I. Kahn For the Public in Astounding Science Fiction Dec. 94/2 page image Bernard I. Kahn bibliography

    I don’t want to chase the thing over the lunarscape to find a test tube.

  • 1976 F. Chappell SF Film Image: Trip to Moon to 2001: A Space Odyssey in SF Films 45 page image Fred Chappell bibliography

    Seen from space, the ship moves along slowly and daintily (the waltz tune underscoring the movement); but when the vehicle is seen with the lunarscape in the foreground we note that it is actually traveling at a tremendous rate of speed.

  • 1995 M. Fitch Balance in the Storm in Asimov’s Science Fiction Oct. 114 page image

    A rounded crater filled with water. How I would explain that to Paul, I didn’t know. If the rain continued, the soil would float and sift to fill the hole, or at least create a lunarscape.

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