jet car n.

a form of aircar powered by jets


  • 1946 B. Walton Prisoner of the Brain-Mistress in Planet Stories Summer 84/2 page image Bryce Walton bibliography

    For an instant I followed the sound of the jet-car as it receded toward the red moon outlining the archaic structure of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • 1946 E. F. Russell Metamorphosite in Astounding Science Fiction Dec. 7/2 page image Eric Frank Russell bibliography

    The sextet took an elevator to ground level, found a jet car waiting for them, a long, black sedan.

  • 1952 β€˜M. Lesser’ Black Eyes & the Daily Grind in Worlds of If Mar. 80/2 page image Milton Lesser bibliography

    City life hasn’t changed much in the last fifty years. Jet-cars still streak around the circumferential highways, their whistles blaring.

  • 1959 P. W. Fairman Great Night in the Heavens in Amazing Stories Dec. 58/1 page image Paul W. Fairman bibliography

    His mother asked if Jan could ride with them because the seven Harter children were too much for their old jetcar.

  • 1990 C. Beckett Matter of Survival in Interzone Oct. 55 page image Chris Beckett bibliography

    The red jetcar swerved desperately away from the void, but it was going too fast. It smashed sideways through the barrier and plunged down a hundred metres to explode spectacularly on the bare rocks below.

  • 1992 D. Adams Mostly Harmless xvi. 189 Douglas Adams bibliography

    Spaceships and jetcars and helipods crashed and exploded continuously around here, illuminating the night.

  • 2005 P. Melko Summer of the Seven in Asimov’s Science Fiction 92 page image Paul Melko bibliography

    As we were stowing the lats of the boxes in the barn loft, we heard the whine of a jet car.

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any evidence 1946

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Bryce Walton, in Planet Stories.

Research History
Mike Christie submitted a 1946 cite from Eric Frank Russell's "Metamorphosite".
Jesse Sheidlower submitted an earlier 1946 cite from Bryce Walton, and filled out the rest of the entry.

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